Dongguan Shenghong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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            The company‘s main products are multi-maximum current connectors, single-maximum current connectors, European-style acid-proof connectors, anti-shock high-current connectors, high-current harnesses, etc.

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            Dongguan Shenghong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

            Dongguan Yuhong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Is A Service-Oriented Global New Energy High-Tech Enterprise Integrating Research, Production And Sales. The Company Adheres To The Concept Of Quality And Win The Future, And Is Committed To Producing Energy-Saving, Environmentally Friendly, Low-Carbon And High-Efficiency Products. It Mainly Produces High-Current Connectors, Electric Vehicle Charging Connectors, Module Power Connectors, EV High-Voltage Connectors, And Automotive Wire Harness Processing. Products Are Widely Used In Electric Vehicles, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Smart Grid, Communications And Other New Energy Industries.
            The Company Attaches Great Importance To Talent Strategy, Has An Excellent Staff Team In The Connector Industry, And Has Established A Complete Product Development And Service System, Advanced Production And Quality Testing Equipment, To Meet The Stringent Requirements Of Today‘S Customers. Open Standards Drive Demand-Driven Products; Rapid Response Takes Advantage Of Its Own Advantages And Provides Customers With High-Quality Products And Services.

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            Multi-maximum current connector
            Single maximum current connector
            European standard acid-proof connector
            Anti-shock high current connector
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            Dongguan Shenghong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
            Tel: 0769-89872288
            Contact: Mr. Bai
            Mobile: 13694979792
            Address: Room 301, 2nd Floor, Office Building, 39 Science and Technology Road, Fudi Science and Technology Park, Hongtu Road, Nancheng Street, Dongguan City
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